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Supervision of work and organisational psychologists




Supervision of work and organisational psychologists who seek reflection, support, challenge, sparring and concrete help for handling their role and task.

We offer:

  • Supervision of newly qualified psychologists, who want to get an authorization.

  • Supervision of experienced psychologists who want to be approved as a specialist and/or supervisor in work and organisational psychology.

The simple principle we apply here is that the task decides the method. Depending on the problem and the means of intervention, we make use of a wide range of methods, including systemic theory, Gestalt psychology, psychodynamic understanding and classic and new management and organisational theory.

We offer both individual supervision (typically 1½ hours each time) and supervision of groups of psychologists.

The prices in 2011 are as follows:

1 person DKK 1,500 per hour
2 persons DKK 850 per hour per person
3 persons DKK 600 per hour per person
4 persons DKK 500 per hour per person

Note that the prices are excl. VAT.

The sessions take place in my office at Vejlsøhus, Vejlsøvej 51, Silkeborg



Business psychologist Ejnar Bryld   ●   Vejlsøvej 51, Bygning A   ●   8600 Silkeborg   ●   +45 86 84 42 00   ●